BIOMAG 2022, Birmingham, UK

After the long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the BIOMAG 2022 (The 22nd International Conference on Biomagnetism) was finally held at the University of Birmingham in the UK!
Dr. Hyojin Park played a key role in the organization of the conference, serving on both the local organizing committee and award committee.

Also, Hyojin organised a symposium titled “Rhythms in Auditory, Visual, and Audiovisual Speech Processing: Multisensory representations in unisensory cortices and beyond” (speakers: Hyojin Park, Nicola Molinaro, Nina Suess, Emmanuel Biau, Anne Keitel). At the symposium, she gave a talk titled “Temporal relationship between auditory and visual speech signals in naturalistic speech and their interactive spatial representations in the brain”.

At the Satellite workshop (28th Aug 2022), she was invited to give a talk at the European MEG Society Satellite Workshop on “Investigation of human language with MEG: from research to clinical applications”
Talk title: “Top-down and bottom-up processing in cortical entrainment to continuous speech”

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